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grading & sodding
Grading is a vital part of any hardscape, big or small. A professional grade keeps waters away from your property and drains it back in to the environment without sacarficing hardscape's functionality.

Over the years waters eat away the grade along your home or any walls you may have. That may result in basement leaks, foundation cracks or wall damage. It's key to keep waters draining away from your property back in to the environment. A correct slope keeps your sod healthier and greener by evenly distributing the water across all land.

We grade and sod new developments or previously graded and soded land.

Our services include:

  • Grading
  • Soding
  • Garden design

We'll help you choose the best product or service to fit your budget and match colour combinations to your home's exterior. Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.

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